Carer support

We recognise that child care and other carer responsibilities can constrain conference participation and lead to an under-representation of those with such responsibilities. A number of universities have established support resources address this. At the University of Manchester, the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) has made available a Carer Support Fund for Research Related Professional Development. If an individual’s circumstances are such that they need additional support/care to help them present at the Triple Helix Conference, this Fund can provide additional support for members of the AMBS community on application and review. Presenters coming from outside of the University of Manchester can also apply to the Fund. Many other universities also have carer support and funding available and presenters are encouraged to investigate what opportunities exist in their home school/institution. If other options for child care at or nearby to the conference venue can be identified, we will highlight these on this page in the run up to the conference.

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