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Triple Helix Masterclass

Wednesday 5 September
14:00 – 16:00
Registration fees:
£50 for delegates / £35 for members of the TH Association /
£20 for (PhD) students and developing countries

University-industry-government relations can be considered as evolving as a Triple Helix (TH). The different stakeholders have each their own societal tasks and missions but can also take the roles of each other. Universities nowadays both patent and publish; governments act as venture capitalists and firms run company universities. The Triple Helix model can be elaborated at the institutional level, for example, in terms of academic entrepreneurship and industry’s role in organizing higher education. One of the objectives of TH practices is to construct competitive advantages, development, and innovation strategies. The key to the Triple Helix is the creation of collaborative projects and hybrid organizations to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship, typically at the initiative of a Regional Innovation Organizer (RIO) an individual or organization respected by all. This can be expected to vary among countries and regions. Synergies in TH relations among wealth generation, novelty production, and legislation and regulation can be studied both in-depth and comparatively using, for example, the TH indicator of mutual information in three dimensions. Presenters: Loet Leydesdorff (University of Amsterdam) and Henry Etzkowitz (President, Triple Helix Association). Chair: Maria Nedeva (University of Manchester).








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